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The espresso:

Today Espresso has become the coffee "par excellence": it is loved worldwide and people appreciate and recognize it as the best extraction from the coffee beans.

Bonomi's coffee blends are selected from the best quality coffees on the market today, and represent a guarantee to the barman for a successful espresso or cappuccino that remind the same aroma and flavour of old good times.

Bonomi strongly believes that co-action with its own customers plays a major role, and it is therefore necessary to provide them with all the tools necessary to serve a state-of-the-art cup of coffee. Preparation and serving techniques are not a mechanical process only - as a matter of fact, they are the result of a close cooperation between the roaster and the barman.

The following brief technical tips may turn an ordinary espresso cup into a real specialty.

The grinder:
The grinder must be thoroughly cleaned every evening after concluding the working day, or every morning, before starting a new serving session.
All the ground coffee that remains unused must be eliminated; the grinding should meet air moisture levels and millstones should be changed regularly to guarantee a perfect blend output.

The coffee machine:
The coffee machine should always be kept in good working conditions: you should remove any limestone from the boiler and clean the filter holder every evening, while gaskets should be replaced when required.
The boiler must be checked carefully, paying a special attention to water temperature stability (90°-95° Celsius) and to boiler pressure (9 bars). This check must always be carried out both when the machine is operating and when it is in standby. It should not be used when pressure exceeds 1.3/1.5 bars; for boiler pressure to be released, you should add some water instead of discharging steam.

The filters:
Use stainless cylindrical steel filters for 2 cups of coffee and use reduced ones for 1 cup. The filters must be carefully and regularly brushed and cleaned with special detergents.

Grinding and quantity:
The recommended quantity of coffee for a single cup dose ranges between 6 and 7 grams. Moreover, you should grind the minimum required quantity of coffee (not exceeding 300-350 g. in one time) to avoid over-heating the grinder. Ground coffee particle size must be carefully calibrated to obtain about 30 ml. of coffee after brewing for about 25-30 seconds.